Your Best Companion

So, you decide to launch a business and need a simple solution to be able to access the back-end of the website to make adjustments, upload files, and perhaps add additional applications to your website. There has to be a means to do this, without constantly bothering the hosting tech support all of the time, and there is: it is called Control Panel, or, cPanel, and it is a commonly used interface that allows people the best back-door solution to access their accounts to make much needed changes without having to make calls to the people that host their platforms. It is a simple, easy to use GUI that offers the most for your time constraints.

Access Your Stuff

Domain owners need a solution to be able to access their content from behind the scenes of the running website to make updates to software, add email accounts to their current surplus of addresses, and do so much more than days of old. Having total control over the happenings of the domain is what webmasters want, and cPanel access gives them the opportunity to do just that in a convenient environment.

However, the goodness of the cPanel system doesn’t stop there. With more than just emailing and program installation, there is a need to make other adjustments to website content and data.

Point and Click Solution

CPanel is also remarkable for letting people change or add CNames to their domain, as well as allow them to make transfers of domains in and out of the account. While some people have the natural programming ability to write blog scripts and widgets as well, the back end access allows the not-so-technical user to install WordPress, Joomla and other CMS programs to their websites, giving an instantaneous boost to site traffic while creating feature and content-rich sites that get high organic search engine rankings.

There had to also be an invention brought into existence to allow web gurus to see their website statistics, and with the cPanel program, you can do just that. AwStats is the popular back end program that allows webmasters to see their visitors and page views that are coming in monthly, while giving them demographical information on countries of origination.

This could only be made possible with the existence of cPanel; without this type of innovation, people would have to rely on the weak traffic counters that does nothing more than count landing page visits.

And more..

Finally, one of the greater benefits of using the cPanel system is to have the flexibility and control of the files on the website through either a web-based FTP program, or at least through your browser. Having the ability to delete the files you don’t need, edit the ones you wish to keep, and even make changes to files make having back-door access through a system like cPanel very worthy, as well as one of the more useful software inventions of our time.

Webmasters love controlling the movements of their sites, and cPanel allows for this to happen seamlessly while the site is still live. You can also see a free demo here.