You need to read this HostPapa review to know about an American and Canadian web hosting company – on the American side in Niagara Falls and on the Canadian side in Toronto. HostPapa is ideal for small businesses or for individuals who are interested in having a web site on the Internet for reasons that vary from person to person.

The motto (“Let Papa Take Care of You”) is a good one to begin with – that is, it’s a good first impression for those who do need some taking care of when they first contemplate their own website.

Create Beautiful Websites

The features available at HostPapa make sure that you can create a beautiful site even if you are a beginner, but you don’t have to be a beginner to get one online in as little time as possible. The company is going to put you online with the promises of a g company. Yes, HostPapa is one of the first web hosting companies that have gone Green.

What does this mean? I mean that the company is buying energy certificates from wind and solar power companies to offset the use of energy used by the company.

Go Green with your Hosting

There are a growing number of green hosting companies. Going Green has made HostPapa a company that assumes a responsibility for caring for the earth and its resources, but this has not meant any sort of setback for you, the potential customer. What you do, though, if you create and host your website with HostPapa is participate in this ecologically sensible enterprise while at the same time assure yourself of the ways and means of a truly impressive website.

Save Money

You can host your site for just $3.95 a month (the regular price is $7.95 a month). Whenever you sign on for a yearly plan, you also get a domain name free of charge. If you have a domain name registered already, you may transfer it or get it updated – still without any additional charges. To save as much money as possible, you may wish to sign on for two or even three years at a time. The question is, what all do you get with HostPapa when you do sign on?

Unlimited Hosting

One of the drawbacks with some web hosting companies is the disk space or bandwidth that they make available to you. Well, you don’t need to concern yourself about this with when you go with HostPapa, as here you have unlimited disk space or bandwidth at no additional cost to you. So right off the bat you know that whatever you wish to put on your website, you are going to be able to do it without worrying about running into limitations of any sort.

Get that SEO Rolling

An additional benefit you get is the ability to get your website search engine optimized. This is of particular important for any small online business. If you are selling a service or a product, you obviously need to bring traffic to your website. Without visitors, there is nothing that can possibly happen.

But how would people know about your site to begin with? Here is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture. People find sites by using a search engine – if your site is properly optimized, people are going to find it. Once there, it’s up to the site to make them stay and/or buy. But there, HostPapa is of special value to you as well.

Speed is Essential

A site that loads quickly and – once loaded – looks inviting is a site that’s going to get people to stay once they have landed on it. This is good for business should your site be a business site. But even if you are only trying to share your ideas with family and friends – or your pictures or whatever, the fact is that people coming to your site are going to be happy they landed there. And that’s a good thing.

Close to 100% Uptime

HostPapa is reliable – this means that when you have your site hosted by this company, you are guaranteed to be online just about 100% of the time. Up-time is crucial for any website. If it’s not online 24/7, people would get error messages when they tried to get to the site and this is a massive turn-off, especially for would-be customers.

When you host with HostPapa, you are treated like a valuable member of the family. Client support is also available 24/7 – which means that if you need help with something, you can always be sure that help is just clicks or a phone call away. You may get answers to your questions by means of e-mail as well.

So whether you are a novice or an experienced webmaster, HostPapa is your way to the Internet. These days anybody who is anybody should have a presence on the Internet – and that presence should be a reliable and an impressive one.

You Will Be Taken Care Of

Once you sign on with HostPapa, the website is going to assist you from the first steps to the last – from getting your domain name or transferring it, to uploading your web pages. It’s all a smooth and easy operation, so don’t hesitate to check out HostPapa for yourself.